Projector and Source Settings

The final settings as of 17Feb02 (well final until I change something again) for the projector and source (HTPC). Originally I didn't list these because each projector is a bit different, proper settings are very dependend on the signal source. After several requests, I've relented, so here they are. All settings are with an Optiflex CCR40 filter in place.

Source Settings (Theater Tek DVD Player on Radeon HTPC)

  • Bright: 40
  • Contrast: 105
  • Hue: 3
  • Saturation: 130
  • Gamma: 117
  • Note: These settings correspond to the overlay settings for the Radeon 7199 drivers
  • Consumer Level Projector Settings (Sony VPL-CS1, ROM ver 1.05)

  • Bright: 1
  • Contrast: 73
  • Color Temp: Low
  • Gamma: Graphics
  • Current Lamp Timer: 972 Hrs
  • Service and Factory Menu Settings (Low Color Temp)

  • Red Gain: 90 (Factory set 64) (Range 0-255)
  • Green Gain: 84 (Factory set 56) (Range 0-255)
  • Blue Gain: 94 (Factory Set 62) (Range 0-255)
  • Red Bias: 120 (Factory Set 128) (Range 0-255)
  • Green Bias: 128 (Factory Set 148) (Range 0-255)
  • Blue Bias: 127 (Factory Set 138) (Range 0-255)
  • Panel Drive/Program Level: 130 (Factory Set 125)
  • The panel drive/program level setting seems to control the bias voltage to the LCD panels. If you set this too low you get a "starfield" effect, with some of the LCD pixels dropping off and refusing to cooperate. They look like "dead" pixels. If you set this too high, you get an annoying vertical banding effect. I set this a bit higher, since LCD pixels "turn on" to block light and "make" black, the bit of additional bias will ensure they are as on as they can be. Not a big improvement here, very subtle.

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