History: Bought my first 27" MTS TV, HiFi VCR and AV receiver in 1989.  Ever since I've added and upgraded pieces and parts.  In 1998 we built a new house with an unfinished basement laid out with an HT in mind.  Building the HT was my motivation for finishing the basement, which took a year doing the work myself.  After the basement was finished, the old home theater was already entrenched in the living room and showing its age... so we decided to build the whole thing new...

In 2011 the basement was flooded by groundwater, equipment survived but the rest of the room needed rebuilding.  New look here.

Design Objective: Build a Front Projection HT system that would provide superior performance for less than the price of a good used car. 

Use: 50% Blu-Ray movies, 10% DVD, 30% Cable TV & HDTV, and 10% music (including accomodating my daughter's dance parties). 

Tech Info:
Screen Width:  96" (16x9) (110" diagonal), Acuoustic Transparent
Main Seating:  11' from screen, centered;  2nd row, 4' behind
Viewing Arc:  40 degrees (main seating position, meets                           SMPTE & THX recommendations, from view distance calculator).
Amplification:  Rated power, total for 6.1, 6500 watts (see pro-amp page)
Peak SPL:  124dBa  @40Hz verified with SPL meter
Sony VPL-CS1 Projector (LCD, retired)
   See Review (VPL-CS2, identical specs)
  DIY RGB & Breakout Component Cables
Panasonic Blu-Ray Player
Pioneer CLD-M301 Laser Disc

JVC HM-DH3000 D-VHS deck

HTPC !, HD Tuner & HD-DVD
HTPC !!!

QSC RMX850 Power Amp (x2)
  Power Amps for Center, Surrounds and Shakers

QSC SRA2422 and SRA3622 Power Amps

Behringer DSP1124 Parametric Eq
  LFE Equalization, see Acoustics

Universal Remote MX-700 Remote Control

Aura Bass Shakers (4)

ETF 5 Acoustic Analysis Software
Acoustic Research AR4C Center
Acoustic Research AR-1 Mains (retired)
   See a Review of AR-1's
B&K Reference 50 Pre/Pro

Denon AVR-1801 Receiver (retired)

EAW CB153x (x3) Left Center & Right

EAW CR82FM Surrounds (x4)

LAB Subwoofer V3.0 (x2)
  Lab design info
  Lab Sub forum

Acoustic Research Phantom 5.2 as
Surrounds (retired
DVD Player
Ultimate Home Theater Dream Gear

Barco RCVDS 800 Video Switcher & Projector Cntrl

87"x 49" (16x9) DIY Screen with Masking System

ColorFacts Video Display Calibration Package
Anamorphic Widescreen is Best
Click to see Home Theater Room Layout  (PDF)
Click to see Equipment Connection Drawings (old, for reference)
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Check out  the Media Distribution System!
Phantom 5.2 Speaker
Phantom 5.2,
Note inverted woofer magnet.
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Sony VPL-CS1 Projector
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Barco 1208,  8" CRT Projector (retired)
  Extron RGB 120p interface (links to PDF)
   Why would you want an Extron 120p?
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LAB Subs in corner, uncovered but with acoustic treatment on front
Click to see Current Connection Block Diagram (PDF)
Panasonic PT-AE4000U Projector
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